About You

  • You are a pretty busy entrepreneur and your business is truly important to you
  • You get overwhelmed by the day-to-day admin tasks that you probably hate doing
  • You constantly watch the clock and think that time runs too fast
  • You need someone who can lighten your workload
  • You need someone who can assist in your business, while you focus on what matters
  • You need someone who focuses exclusively on your business while working for you
  • You own a small company and you are not looking for an employee, but a contractor/freelancer

About Me

Born in Italy, graduated in Business Communication & Marketing in Milan in 2011, moved to Ireland in 2013 and to Portugal in 2018.

In the past 6 years, I gained experience as an Admin & Payroll Manager and Marketing & Customer Support. I often worked for small companies and that’s why I got used to constantly master new skills and adapt to different business fields.

I’m now a Virtual Assistant for entrepreneurs and small companies in the health, wellness & fitness industry. My ideal clients are nutritionists, personal trainers, gyms, yoga and pilates teachers/studios, online/local health food stores, organic skin care companies. I do, however, have clients who work in other fields (IT, Youtube, landscaping, etc.) and I take on clients if I genuinely like their business.

Since February 2017 I volunteer for e-ducare, an Irish charity run by amazing people that provide children in Vietnam the opportunity to attain an education. I’m an active member of the marketing team, dealing with event planning, online fundraising, designing PowerPoint and pdf presentations, brochures, flyers and creating newsletters in MailChimp.

Things I’m passionate about: travel, healthy food, fitness, charity, dogs, nature.


What can I do for you?


  • Manage your email inbox, reply to your customer enquiries, send invoices
  • Find flights and accommodation based on your personal preferences
  • Prepare pdf/PowerPoint presentations for your clients / for your speech
  • Compare and purchase any item and make purchases on your behalf
  • Find the best Software as a Service (SaaS) options for your business
  • Reply to your customers on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Twitter
  • Find office spaces and co-working facilities in any city
  • Find venues for events and new restaurants for entertaining clients
  • Prepare online surveys and customer feedback forms
  • Ask price quotes from different vendors
  • Make keyword researches and reports
  • Have your meals/grocery shopping bought and delivered to your place
  • Translate your content from English to Italian (and vice-versa)

10 Facts About Me:


  • I recently moved to Portugal and I’m learning Portuguese
  • I’m an Italian native speaker and I’m fluent in English
  • I lived and worked in Dublin, Ireland for 5 years
  • My dog’s name is Kira and she looks like a Belgian Shepherd
  • My guilty pleasure is watching YouTube videos
  • India, Namibia and Chile are the 3 top destinations on my bucket list
  • I love eating good food and I usually plan my meals
  • I prefer savory food and I have a weakness for broccoli and cauliflower
  • My favourite color is lavender/light purple, my least favorite is yellow
  • I really dislike butterflies and moths

How can I help you?